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Our Staff

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff members are there to greet each guest and provide personalized attention so they enjoy your celebration. Our welcome drink service is one of our signature values.

We also provide staffing only for events in the tri-states area (NYC, New Jersey, Connecticut), if that's what you're interested in.


Whether it’s wedding, social gathering, baptism or an office party; we provide a personalized service that is tailored to your requirements for an event that is sophisticated and entirely unique.


Floral Arrangements

Our trusted florists will wow you with their imagination. Whether you have your favorite flowers or just have the color in mind, they will create something extraordinary to amaze your guests.


We pride ourselves in customizing a menu to match your occasion. We prefer to use seasonal items. We pay attention to include an array of colors to make your feast a visual treat for your guests.

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Platter Matters LLC


Ask us about our event staffing service. If you're in the situation when you have the venue, and the catering taken care of, but need people to take care of your guests, we're here for you.

Contact Us

Give us the basic details of your upcoming event (occasion, # of guests, venue ideas, theme, etc..), and ask us for a free quote. We'd be glad to help.